P3I has the technical expertise, personnel resources, management leadership and defined process framework to ensure the highest quality products and services.

  • P3I offers a realistic and effective program to continuously monitor and improve the quality of all Support Services, based on quantitative measures of performance. Our goal is to emphasize deficiency prevention over deficiency detection by developing and instituting procedures to identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services.

    P3I’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) documents P3I’s approach to assuring quality support. This support is driven by the following criteria:

    • Customer Satisfaction—which may include small and large OAs
    • Demonstrated ability to meet operational objectives
    • Service Management processes (e.g. Incident Management, Problem
    • Resolution, Continuous Improvement)
    • Ability twork with other contractors in an integrated environment
    • Communication with government and other providers
    • Collaborative aspects and ability to integrate
    • Cooperation with all regardless of roles or position

    Our QAP documents the details of the Quality Program including the staff roles and responsibilities relative to quality, description of the overall Quality Approach, the functions of the Quality Assurance Organization (QAO), the Measurement Approach, Configuration Management (CM) Approach, and Training Approach.

    This plan extends beyond the usual description of the activities associated with a quality assurance organization and considers an organizational approach to quality, with QA activities as one facet of an overall Quality Program. Quality activities performed beyond the activities of the QAO are referred to as Quality Control (QC). QC activities are performed by many program functions, but most particularly by Security and Engineering, as well as QAO.

    P3I’s Quality Program ensures quality services and deliverables on a program wide and individual task order basis. When applying quality across a program or to an individual Task Order, the end result is the same: deliver quality products to our customers.