About LearnSmart

P3I is committed to the development and success of all our employees and one tool in meeting that commitment is P3I’s Training Program.

P3I has chosen to use LearnSmart as our corporate platform for the delivery of training in the brand-new reality of fully online and mobile information.  Providing hundreds of essential and timely training courses for technology, business, productivity, and management, LearnSmart allows P3I employees to learn exciting new skills, earn credentials, and master subject matter at their own pace and from the relative comfort of the P3I Training Portal.

Just like P3I, LearnSmart is a leader in their industry.  Achieving awards anywhere from Fast 50 (fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay) to ‘Innovation of the Year” for their newly developed Learning Management System, LearnSmart also provides P3I with:

  • Social interaction and e-learning combined
  • Training viewable on any Android and Apple device
  • System can be accessed 24/7 from any location, even on mobile devices
  • Supplemental materials that can be exported for additional training ‘on the go’
  • Managers have the ability to track, supervise, and even export training data
  • The classroom feel with online convenience

LearnSmart and P3I are in daily contact and are constantly working to evaluate and update the course offerings to provide the most training benefit possible to P3I.  The current catalog can be viewed here:

Course Catalog

Additionally, to meet P3I’s goal of a single training repository, LearnSmart is working with P3I to expand P3I’s ability to create and maintain records of training conducted and attended – even outside of LearnSmart.  We are also working together to upload P3I-generated/P3I-specific training, P3I reference documentation, and applicable policy information to ensure that everything is available on-line and in one place for P3I employees.